I registered to TuChofer using WhatsApp. Now, how can I use the iPhone App?

I have my email registered, but I don´t have a password.

You want to use the iPhone App and you previously registered to TuChofer using WhatsApp or the website. Here are the instructions on how to obtain a password and use the iPhone App

(Instrucciones en español)

Photo 02-07-14 14 23 49.png
Photo 02-07-14 14 24 40.png
Photo 02-07-14 14 24 47.png

On this first screen of the iPhone App select the EXISTING option.

Fill in the password you used when registering by WhatsApp

Press ¨Forgot your password¨


Leave the second field empty and submit.

A new password will be mailed to your inbox. Use tha password to log into the system.