Cargo Inicial




Por Minuto

$0.10 $0.21 $0.22

Por km

$0.20 $0.49 $0.55

Cargo Mínimo

$2.0 $4.5 $5.0

Recargo Nocturno

$15% 30% 30%

TuChofer rates are based on distance travelled and time employed. 

A suggested 10% tip will be included at the end of the ride. You may increase or decrease this percentage based on the service you receive. 

You can charge the fare to your registered credit card or pay in cash directly to the driver. All transactions are in US dollars.

Night surcharge applies between 9:00 P.M. and 5:00 A.M.

Cancellation Fee is: $5 - Suggested Tip: 10% 

Tours in Panamá City & Surroundings: 

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Pricing Examples

Look what our retes look like for frequent destinations within Panama city 

Airport Transfers / PTY Tocumen

Black Sedan     $35

Black SUV        $40

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